IMPORTANT - Training opportunity for schools

Mermaids has supported many families and young people dealing with bullying and discrimination due to their gender identity. As part of that support, we deliver training into schools to help them understand the issues that children face and to give them the understanding and tools to both support those children and to tackle bullying in all forms.

Following an application made with 11 partners to the DofE, Mermaids has now been given a grant to deliver training to 35 schools over the next 2.5 years.  


The overall purpose is to reduce the number of incidents of HBT (homophobic, biphobic and transphobic) bullying in primary and secondary schools in England by transforming the culture of how schools prevent and respond to HBT bullying in a sustainable way. 


Your school cannot have received recent staff training or support around tackling HBT Bullying from an organisation.


The programme aims to do this in three main ways:

•             To prevent HBT bullying from happening in the first place;

•             To effectively respond to HBT bullying when it does occur;

•             To create an inclusive school environment for LGBT pupils and families.


•             Improving school staff capacity and confidence to tackle HBT bullying

•             Support from experience professionals worth up to £1500 for free (fully funded)

•             Comprehensive development plan for your schools Anti-HBT work

•             Support around creating and embedding policy and practice around tackling HBT Bullying

•             Training for school staff

•             Access to a range of resources including lesson plans, supporting documents

•             Access to a helpline

•             Support for school staff on tackling HBT Bullying 

Two models of working with Schools

  • Model 1: A “Whole School Approach” to addressing HBT bullying such as Working with schools to develop and embed Anti-HBT Bullying policy and to support staff to embed and implement it 

Mermaids can support 10 schools in this way

  • Model 2: Targeted training for school staff to build their confidence and capacity to prevent and respond to HBT bullying and build inclusive school environments

 Mermaids can support 25 schools in this way

Mermaids is a nationwide charity, and the work that we do can span a number of weeks and months, and can be scheduled as required. If your school is interested in accessing this training, please click the link below and complete a short survey, and then we will be in touch.

Mermaids general training provision

Mermaids has trained professionals in the NHS, Police Service, Social Services, Schools, CAHMS and the workplace. To discuss training provision please complete the contact form with a summary of numbers, location and a general overview of your current situation. For example, if you are a school supporting a child to transition, or an NHS trust, wishing to skill up key staff members with information and understanding of gender identity issues in children and young people.

We deliver training into companies to support HR departments and management to be supportive and understanding of the needs of trans employees and how to ensure that your policies and procedures are inclusive and supporting of diversity. Unconscious bias and discrimination is still prevalent, we can help you tackle this.