Parents Group

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Our parents group has grown from a starting point of 9 members to over 1,000. The forum is a safe space for you to ask questions, talk about how you are doing, and share experiences with others in the same or similar circumstances to you. It is very important that we are respectful of one another and the group is a wonderful place to find community and allay fears. Through access to the groups, you will also receive notifications of meetings, local groups and residential weekends.

It operates through an email service so you must supply a valid email address, and you can customise your account to receive all emails, a daily digest of a number of emails together, or no emails at all if you would prefer to log in and access the forum online.

If you would like to join the parents group you will need to read and agree to follow the rules and code of conduct, plus supply us with a certain amount of personal information so we can verify your identity and make sure that your application is genuine. We take the safety and security of our groups very seriously, for your protection, and to allow you to post and ask questions with the knowledge that to the best of our abilities, your information is confidential. The information is accessed by members of our moderation team only.

To apply, follow this link and complete the form to request to join the group. All of the fields MUST be completed correctly or the application will automatically be refused. 

This group is open to parents and carers of gender diverse and/or transgender young people up to and including the age of 19. There is no lower age limit.

As part of the security measures, you will be required to supply us with a telephone number, so that we can call you before we can approve you to join the group. The call will be from a witheld number, to maintain confidentiality.

Complete online form to join