Media Policy

Our Response to Requests from Magazines, Television and Newspapers etc

Please read the following information BEFORE you contact us for Media Requests

If you are covering ITV's Butterfly, please read this.

Mermaids is committed to try and raise awareness about gender dysphoria and the extreme isolation and prejudice that many young people experience as a result of their gender variance. However, despite this aim, we are not normally prepared to act as intermediaries between the media and our members.

Our committee members and other parents and young people may be willing to contribute towards media projects anonymously, but with very strict criteria due to the age and vulnerability of the children, young people and families, that we are here to support. Radio is one such medium that has worked well in the past.

There are very real issues regarding child protection for children under 16 who are named that may then go on to experience discrimination and abuse as a result of their exposure, which may be a direct result of their families association with Mermaids. This is something we wish to avoid, and we are extremely careful with our members confidentiality and privacy. Any articles involving us or our families will need to have full headline and copy approval in order to protect them and their identities.

Regarding television, we feel that children of the age that would be required for most programmes are too young to be exposed on television - they have enough problems without being on the receiving end of extra harassment - which sadly would most likely be the result of appearing on TV.  In the past we have canvassed our parents to see if any would allow their child to be filmed, and no-one would. Nor would we recommend it.

Magazine and newspaper articles follow the same principles, and if you want named and photographed individuals in any piece you are planning please do not be offended if you do not get a response to your query. We support families, we do not expect them to expose their children to unwanted publicity in the aim of education.

Over 18 years of age a young person has the right to make this decision for themselves, but as the majority of our young people are under this age, we respectfully ask you to only apply to Mermaids for participants if you are willing to sign and follow the terms of our media contract regarding published articles, or are willing to offer complete anonymity. One possibility would be to use actors to speak instead of actual individuals, and to disguise names and locations. No photographs, no real names.