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What would you do if your 7 year old son told you that he wanted to be a girl?

Or your 14 year old daughter told you that she feels that she really is a boy?

Or perhaps you are a young person, and you feel that your body doesn't match who you are on the inside?


Dont panic, you are not alone. Our members are parents and young people who have dealt with, or are dealing with, issues like the examples above.

Mermaids is a support group for gender variant children and teenagers, and their families.  Our goal is to relieve the mental and emotional stress of all persons aged 19 years and under who are in any manner affected by gender identity issues, and their families and to advance public education in the same.

This is what Mermaids advocates: Let the child develop as he or she is naturally meant to, whilst loving and accepting them for who they are at the present time.  Childhood is precious, and children should be allowed to enjoy it to the full.

In support of this we:

  • Offer support to parents, families, carers and others.
  • Raise awareness about gender issues amongst professionals (e.g. teachers, doctors, social services. etc.,) and the general public
  • Campaign for the recognition of this issue and an increase in professional services

Information Line

Telephone: (0208) 1234819 : Monday to Saturday
When staffed, answerphone at other times - local rates!

We are sorry that we can't give you definitive times when we can answer your calls as our helpline is manned by volunteers who have other family and work commitments. If your call is not answered, you can either leave a message and we can call you back or you can email us at " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ".  We understand that you may only be able to receive a call from us at a specific time, so please let us know when it would be convenient to call and we will try to call you at that time.  We won't call you outside of that time.

What We Offer

We offer information, support, friendship and shared experiences.  We give support for individual young people, with or without support from their families, whether they are out or not We will try, where possible, to help their families understand and accept their child's gender identity issue. We will also offer our help to family members, professionals and others who are worried about a child or young person.

We will offer our support via telephone, email and snail mail.

We support young people up to the age of 19, and their families.  We have put together links to other organisations that can provide help and support if you, or your family member with gender issues is over 19.  These links can be accessed my selecting 'Help and Support for over 19s' from the menu.


Registered Charity: Mermaids - Registered Charity No. 1073991